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Helpful info and what to expect when purchasing a puppy.

What to expect:
All puppies are vet checked, given age appropriate shots , bathed, nails trimmed, and come with a vet release to be in sound health when they leave our home . 

It is advised to keep your puppy home with you until it receives its vaccinations. 

Deposits & transportation 
Puppies can be reserved by placing a 20% deposit, applied to the purchase of the puppy.
The deposit is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable once you pick a puppy unless the puppy becomes deceased in our care. 
I will not hold puppies without a deposit.
By the time your puppy is 8 weeks the full purchase amount is due. 

If you do not pay your puppy's balance by 8 weeks of age, he/she will be placed back up for sale and you will lose your deposit.

Every puppy must be paid for in full prior to leaving our care. If picking up in person, we prefer cash. No Checks. 

If using pet nanny, sometimes pet nanny fee will be due prior to delivery, depending on pet nanny , you may pay pet nanny upon delivery.

Puppies go to their new homes at 8 weeks , up to 10 weeks if puppy needs longer with mom.


We are happy to meet you within 60 miles of our home with your new puppy. 

There’s also the option of an airplane trip in cabin with Pet Nanny.  Price depends on quote I receive from pet nanny.  

Pick Up

Pickup/Delivery dates will be agreed upon between both breeder and buyer.

In unique situations we can hold a puppy longer than the original pickup/delivery date. These situations will be case-by-case and will incur a fee which will be discussed with the new owner. Fees are consistent with average local rates of in-home boarding, which range from $30-50 per night.

By failing to communicate you agree to forfeit puppy and all monies paid, purchase agreement denied indefinitely thereafter. (3 day hold is only for individuals picking up in person, those who fail to meet Pet Nanny at the agreed airport forfeits deposit and all monies paid as I have to pay all delivery fees including return fee, advertising, family screens.)

Should you choose to not take home your puppy, change your mind for any reason we strongly appreciate it if you would tell us as soon as possible. We understand circumstances change, things happen but please be considerate. Every day may be a day we have turned away other individuals who were interested.

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